Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Jack O Lantern Crafts

Paper Jack O' Lanterns
One of my favorite Halloween crafts starts with two sheets of orange construction paper and one of black...Simply cut the two sheets of orange into strips and then two jack o lantern smiles
out of the piece of well as two sets of triangles for the eyes.
Then start stapling the strips together two at a time like Princess did, or tape them as Peanut did.After you attach them at one end..P says it looks like a star or the same at the other end
so they are spherical. Note:younger children,like Peanut, may need you to hold the pieces together for them. I stapled hers together after she taped so it was sturdier.Then use a glue stick to attach the "face".I happened to have some black plastic string for bead necklaces, Princess used a hole punch in the top to run the string through, and I did the same on Peanut's
then we put a green wooden bead on the top, but you can skip this...we just happened to have two of them. ;-) We hung them in the school room. We hope you have as much fun making them as we did.
Happy Halloween !! ((Big Hugs))KateinNJ

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Anonymous said...

How cool! That looks like so much fun and makes me miss all of our crafty supplies. LOL Happy Halloween!

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