Monday, November 9, 2009

Funny Halloween Story

In the interest of full disclosure..I can be absentminded.

I know some of you will be shocked...those who know me..

not so much. Now that we have that out in the open, I am going to share

a story about our Trick or Treat experiences this year.

Princess and I headed out into our neighborhood with my NLCP,

and all around Gal Pal and Co-Conspirator Extraordinaire,Naomi

and her daughter, Peanut and her boyfriend,Rick.

Farmer Dad stayed home in case of Trick or Treaters.

We were a happy bunch at the outset, until Princess didn't like the way

her belt squeezed her belly, and undid it and got tangled in the too long costume that

she insisted on wearing despite many maternal warnings of just such a calamity.

Farmer Dad was called to pick her up for a quick costume change, returned her without a costume, but with his Halloween mask only and "street clothes". Anyhow...

I was trying to roll with it, I enjoy Halloween and was dressed as a Witch, as is my

tradition, we had been walking for while, my hat kept flying off in the wind.

I kept picking it up and Princess kept whining. We called Farmer Dad to pick her up,

per her request, he came, she refused to leave. Right before he arrived at our extremely

top secret location (it must have been we saw not one other Trick or Treater)I noticed my hat was gone...then realized it must have been gone for a while. Two or three blocks actually.

Rick gallantly offered to go walk

back the way we came to find my hat in the now encroaching darkness.

We sat down on the curb (after the girls hit up the houses they wanted to on that section of road) and had a piece of candy. Yeah, yeah...should have had it x-rayed first..I've never had

trouble with candy and don't bother with that rule. Please don't hate me.

Farmer Dad pulled up to drop Rick off, with my hat. We continued on our merry way

to walk another couple of blocks back to the house...pot roast was waiting after all.

When I wrote about Halloween originally, I took the story out to protect Rick's privacy,

and my dignity. Rick was a little bit offended to not be mentioned , there was no snit..he just

appeared a tiny bit hurt to his gf, who reported it to me, so I decided all bets were off on his privacy. Let this be a warning to all who hang out with me in real life, if you complain

(even to someone else) about being "left out" of a story here on my blog, I will find out, and you will become "BLOG FODDER". In case you missed it Rick, this was your public apology.

I really do appreciate your walking back to find my favorite Witch hat without any complaint at all. It is official, you are a nice guy.My hat, by the way is adorable even on me and I never look good in hats.


Steph said...

Cute story... and funny that reading it was the first time I even thought about the whole checking the candy thing! What a terrible mom I am, I just let PBug eat it without even checking it! Oh well, I really don't think we're taking a chance either :)

Wendy Hawksley said...

What a gentleman Rick is to go in search of your had.

And, of course, Farmer Dad's forebearance in all the the back-and-forth also deserves mention!

Um, we don't check candy either. It's awful. I just let Gavin eat it.

Naomi said...

I read it to him. I asked him if he had anything to say. He said, "No comment." Smart and sweet :)

sarah said...

Lol :-)

8)(8 said...

I was wondering what happened based on the photo with the girls sitting on the curb.

That's funny.

real estate agent from Vancouver said...

Hi. Interesting reading. As has been mentioned, Rick seems to be a gentleman. I have similar story. Several years ago I, my wife and our children went trick-or-treating. My wife had costume of Little Red Riding Hood. She was wearing also red apron. And probably because of strong wind she had lost it. When she realized that, we went back but unfortunately we didn't find it. She was little bit sad, but such things happen.


Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all...I may have to have a contest here,,Rick wants a cool sad...I would have been upset if I lost my hat.

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

Funny!! :)

I couldn't keep my hat on either....I lost it a couple of times, lol! Thank goodness it was just out in the backyard :)

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