Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Princess's Cupcake Birthday Party

We decided to fore go the big she-bang this year for Princess's 7Th Birthday.
Instead, we just had our homeschool group over for cupcakes and nibbles. the green plate had the cupcakes on it. I was having so much fun with
the other Mom's, I wasn't taking pictures.

We had print outs of cupcakes to be colored and "decorated"

the girls played dress up

and they played outside too

I did not take one picture of the food..we had a veggie plate, cheese and crackers,
fried ravioli and mini pizzas (I used my regular pizza dough in a "cupcake" tin).
I hope our friends had as much fun as we did. I can't even believe she is SEVEN already.
I also can't believe this post was still sitting in my "draft folder...my apologies.


Sara said...

Happy Birthday to Princess! Looks like a great party.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Happy Birthday, Princess!!! What a fun party!

sarah haliwell said...

seven??!! Wow, that went fast. Happy birthday to her. I hope your days are going well.

aly in va said...

A big Happy Belated Birthday to Princess. I love the "old time" fun of your party...no batteries or paid performers needed :)

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all for the kind wishes.
Princess had a good time and I had a bit less stress. We will probably go back to the big blow out in the backyard next year, but this was all I could do this year.lol

8)(8 said...

What a cutie, I can't believe it! The buffet looked beautiful. She looks so happy. On Saturday, we went simple too.

Cher Mere said...

Happy Birthday Princess!

That party looks really great! All the food sounds yummy.

Kids Music said...

Most Delightful Birthday to Princess..It sounds great..

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