Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Welcome Peanut!

Princess was very happy Tuesday to welcome Peanut to our
Garden State Homeschool. Peanut is one of her best friends, although they
refer to each other as sisters. Peanut will be with us while her Mom pursues
her Masters Degree. There is only one way to celebrate such a momentous occasion,
we baked cookies! I made the dough Monday, and let the girls have their
choice of cookie cutters from some of our collection. They played outside while they baked.I called them in to clean up, decorate the cookies and we ate lunch while they

We will be having a lot of fun as we enjoy these last weeks of Summer.
Princess will be starting 2ND Grade, and Peanut will be doing Pre K work
once Autumn is here and we start school. Then we will have even more fun.
I will be back soon to talk about some of our school year plans.


Wendy Hawksley said...

YUMMERS! What a great way to celebrate! Princess and Peanut sounds as natural as "peanut-butter and jelly" or "jumping and jacks"! LOL

The cookies look delicious. The little ladies did a fabulous job on them.

sarah haliwell said...

that is so wonderful! What a blessing for an only child, to have another lovely girl joining her at "school".

Naomi said...

Hey! That Peanut kid looks pretty familiar...I think she's sleeping sideways in my bed right now! lol

Becky said...

Those are some crazy looking cookies. Love them.

Can't wait to see what you are planning for this year. My oldest is in second grade too. :-)

Angela said...

What a great way to celebrate! Peanut and Princess will certainly both benefit from this arrangment, and I think you will enjoy it yourself! How fun!

Tara said...

Cookie making is a perfect kick-off for your new year!

Hope Princess and Peanut have a terrific time learning together :)

Toni said...

what a perfect way to spend the day with your best friend:-) How exciting they will be learning together what fun. I am sure they will have many wonderful adventures together this year:-)

8)(8 said...

The cookies are beautiful. I love the scotty and cow.

That's a really neat arrangement for Princess. We are doing the same this year.

Kari said...

What fun to have two little girls to teach at home! You'll have a blast!

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