Saturday, August 22, 2009


I have a few questions about where I should go with this Blog.
If there is anybody still reading, leave me a comment about what it is
you like to get from this blog.
Are you in it for the children's books?
Arts and Crafts?
My blubbering on and on about my life?
Homeschooling specifics?
If there is anything you would like to see here, but don't..let me know.
I am trying to get on track for September 1st.
Yes, it's right around the corner...back to homeschooling, back to regular blogging.
Thank you all for your support and encouragement these last few weeks.
I love my little corner of the Blogosphere, and the community we have built together.
So come on, chime in. Tell me which direction you'd like to see us head in.
Feel free to tell me what you really think. I'm from Jersey, I can take it. ;-)


rae said...

I enjoy visiting your blog and finding whatever gem you post here. Please remember that you are under no obligation here - so do what please you, when it pleases you, and only if it pleases you. Those of us that have been around the homeschool blogoshphere and online community for awhile have learned that we ebb and flow with whatever is going on in our lives. I hope you'll give yourself permission to feel your way through and do what feels right for you and your family.

You are a priceless gem, so be true to yourself, my dear. :)

Naomi said...

I only read it b/c I feel like I have to b/c you're my friend. j/k. I like the P updates and pics. The Peanut gets excited to see them. Plus, once she starts coming there regularly, I'll have proof that you're not just locking her out on the sun porch to fend for herself. I've noticed a lot of people, including myself, questioning their blogs lately...must be something in the air.

Chawksgirl4ever said...

i love everything about the blog.if you write about what people want then it wont be the same blog,it wont come natural to you.

SAHMinIL said...

Post whatever you want. I'm hear because I just like reading about other homeschoolers in general. I like homeschooling help, homeschooling tips, just the everyday things of a homeschooler, etc.

I'm a newbie homeschooler this is my second year, so I just enjoy reading anything and everything from homeschoolers. Even if it's just today we did art and here are some pictures. :)

Steph said...

I just love seeing your lovely pictures and hearing about what you guys are up to... keep it the same, it's perfect the way it is :)

Sybille said...

I often take a look at your blog for homeschool-inspirations. I like seeing your lovely ideas and beautiful pictures. I like knowing that there is somebody with visions and wishes as mine are.
Mach so weiter - keep on :)

Tracy said...

I am new to your blog, but I love your posts on homeschooling and books! I am always on the look out for new ideas to create a fun learning environment for my children. :)

Elizabeth said...

Why do you feel the need to change? We read because it's always fun to see how others are coping with the smae situation. Write what you want--I'm 100% positive you'll always have readers and commentors. And if I was back in NJ--I'd want to join in on the crafty-party bits you always do!

Melissa said...

I'm reading, though I don't usually comment :-) I especially love your book posts and always get great ideas from them. I get so overwhelmed in the kids' section of the library, so it's nice to go in with a list. But you know I'll read anything you post!

sarah haliwell said...

I love you and so I love your blog. I don't always comment on posts about homeschooling and books because my dd is older than Princess, but I always read and enjoy. So good to see you back again! You have been missed :-)

Wendy Hawksley said...

I could give you a list, but it would take foooooorrrrrreeeever!

Gavin and P are the same ages, so I come to read it ALL. Even those blogs were you say there just hasn't been much to do! In addition to you being inspiring and giving me ideas, there is something even more important: I can totally relate to you.

Your blog makes me feel not-so-alone in the sometimes lonely world of homeschooling. :)

Homemade Happenings said...

I just love that you let me take a peek into your world! I enjoy seeing pics of your beautiful daughter, whom you are raising to be a true gift to this world. I like the book posts since Gigi likes to go to the library multiple times a week and sometimes it's nice to have something specific to look for. I have great fun incorporating soem of your crafts into our life, even if it is weeks after you've done them :)

All in all, this is a fun place to visit and I am so glad you will be continuing!

Alycia in Va. said...

Don't feel pressure to stay in any one "box". I just enjoy seeing other homeschoolers and just the lives of others with children in general. So unless you start writing about worshiping the devil or something extreme- I'll continue to read.

Cher Mere said...

I like hearing about your life, seeing pictures, and stuff like that. I think you do awesome book reviews and I wish I had had you as a resource for kids books when Zoe was younger .

Toni said...

I like all your posts, just keep on doing what your doing , just remember its your blog mak it what you would like it to be, I will love visiting no matter what you decide topost on.

patrice said...

I love seeing your life. I love watching your daughter grow. I love seeing your part of the country. I feel some companionship/community/friendship as we both parent only daughters, and homeschool them.
It's not so much content for me, it's a sense of connection I feel. I think we've been looking at each others blogs going on (or over) three years now.
Am I right?
Also, I love that you are asking for feedback!
So much warmth,

Jonam said...

am new to your blog. i would like to tell the website for homeschooling kids

Tara said...

Your blog is one of the first I began to follow regularly. We're both homeschooling elementary aged kids so it was easy to relate to many of the books, crafts, projects etc. that you and Princess do.

You seem to have such boundless energy and enthusiasm, I often come away from reading your blog renewed and ready to dig in here with Owen :)

Even if you are facing challenges with homeschooling, or fifteen inches of snow, or everyone's down with the flu- it is all relevant, and real!!!

As long as you keep blogging- I'll keep reading :)

Forte said...

I like your soundtrack :)
No, really...i think you are very laid-back homeschooler, but you are organized. You are sane. I like reaidng about the process of your day and teh progress of your year. It seems so comforting and regular, but sprinkled with magical moments. :)

Gwenivere said...

I love your book reviews, they have given me lots of inspiration for my youngest.
I also just love reading all the little snippets about your life. I always find something great to take away from reading it!

Sara said...

I would read your blog even if you only posted what you ate everyday! :)

But I really love the book posts, and your green posts, and your freecycling finds and your garden progress.

Jenny said...

Wow, Kate- can I copy that entire post and copy it onto my own blog?! We seem to be in a very similar place right now! I was excited about your "Book, Tea, and Craft with Kate" idea. I know I didn't participate, but I really thought it was a great idea. Good luck finding your way- hopefully you'll motivate me to do the same!

Frankie said...

Well, I read your blog still! My son is much older, so what I get from your blog and book lists are memories of our past, which makes me smile.

I love everything about your blog!=)

Anonymous said...

Well I love your blog too! But if you really want to know what I enjoy on your blog and any is goes

I don't really care if some one posts everyday. Actually I can't keep up with daily posts. The ideal blog and what I want to do with mine but never succeed is..

three posts a week, one book post, one learning at home post (see how I cleverly word that to include my soon to be public school girl) and a personal post, seven takes, a meme or just a bit about how the person lives their life.

And I never have time for weekend posts as you can see I'm just getting to this one. ;)

You are much beloved. Write what is important to you. I am trying to do this a little more. My responsible living posts seem to be as interesting as book posts.

I think we all need to remember that a quick comment, like 'thanks for the book suggestion' or 'cute photo' is better than none.

Chele said...

Still here, still reading, in between trips to the beach ;>

I love your book posts, garden posts, and getting a look at what another homeschooler with a similar philosophy is doing, and how you make me feel not alone on this wonderful adventure.

Maybe like a garden, blogs need their somewhat fallow times or a little crop rotation for inspiration to return. Do what feels right to you.

myinspired♥{sandra} said...

I've been wondering the same about my blog....took almost a month off, so far. I think I've come to the conclusion that I love all the "life" stuff. Life is just beautiful....from everyone's perspective. I love reading about real life and finding the connections between us all. However....I love your homeschool and book goodness, too!

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