Monday, October 3, 2011

Princess's 9th Birthday

Our little Princess turned 9. Nine. NINE. Can you believe it?
I can't. I feel like we just got started on this Mother/Daughter journey.
She started out so small. Not quite 5 lbs, 15 inches long.
She is almost as tall as I am now and I can no longer carry her to bed if she falls
when she falls asleep on the couch.
She loves, art, Elvis, sharks, hot chocolate, pizza, running through a sprinkler,chicken, calamari, swimming,ribs, watching movies, playing wii, soft rain, when the lights go out, singing, dancing, playing computer games,ghosts, aliens, horseshoe crabs, music, playing basketball, chocolate milk,mangoes,guacamole,
the beach, sunsets, snow, chocolate chip cookies, spaghetti and meatballs, celery,vanilla ice cream, green beans,
watermelon, pickles,potato chips,Judy Moody, collage art, cats, hot pink, Paris, swings, riding her bike, green olives, bacon, playing tennis with her Dad, soccer, mowing the lawn, warm baths, hot showers, making sandwiches for her Daddy, her friends.
 All of them. If you are one of her friends, you are a BFF. It's the only kind she has.
She loves her family with all her heart too. We are lucky to have her.
So are just might not know it yet. She makes the world a better place just  by being in it.


Steph said...

Ah, happy birthday to your princess!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to P, growing up too fast!

Gottfredsen said...

Happy Birthday P! She definetly makes this world a better place. The boys smile every time she is mentioned here. We Love you P!

Anonymous said...

She loves her mommy most of all.

Kate in NJ said...

Thank you all!

Jessica said...

Happy birthday to your Princess. The years do seem to flow by so very quickly!

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