Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

Is this a "school" day in your homeschool?
Does today count as a "holiday"?
How do you work with or around your local school schedule?
Farmer Dad has a day off today, but Peanut's Mom does not,
so it is a "school day" here. Don't ask the girls what the difference is,
I doubt they can tell you. Some days they count worksheets (yes we do them
when we feel like it) coloring sheets, painting, the books we read and documentaries
we watch as school. Some days they just say they had fun all day playing even if we
do all of the above. The difference is how much they were into what we were doing
and if they asked to "do school" before I set it all out.
I am pretty sure Farmer Dad thinks we just hang out and play all day, since whenever
he asks Princess she says she was playing all day or hanging out with other homeschooled kids
having fun. I will ask him if he didn't notice the pile of work spread out on the dining room table,
as it is too cold to be in our "classroom" this time of year, but he always thinks it is the same pile of papers from the day before. Most of the time that doesn't bother me. I know how much she is learning, but some days I admit , I would like to throw my lesson planner at him.
Please tell me I am not alone? However you are spending it, Happy President's Day!


Candra Georgi said...

we met up with some homeschool moms at the park! i think that's school...right? ha

Theresa said...

Jason was home and we did math and read part of The Odyssey together, but we had my parents over and made pasta from scratch too.

I don't follow the local school schedule at all. We take breaks when we want.

I miss you & Melissa!! we have to get together!!

Kate in NJ said...

I would love a sunny day in the park. lol

T...I miss you gals too...let's try to get together soon.

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Plato said...

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