Saturday, December 18, 2010

Homeschool Days at The Adventure Aquarium

Thursday we joined some of our homeschool peeps at
Homeschool Days at Adventure Aquarium in Camden,NJ. They pet sharks

hugged the "little brother" of our homeschool group...
checked out all he cool exhibits...

They really enjoyed all the sharks..."Look! It's a Hammerhead!!"
a Sea Turtle..
The aquarium was decorated for the holidays..
The sting rays were fun..they really enjoyed splashing us!
This big one was very friendly!
We all enjoyed them once they had their 15 minute break.
Princess's BFF...
and her little Bro..
Our Three Sea Critters.
Petting the jelly fish..
petting the Sea Stars..
Another "photo opportunity".
Loved this!
The Hippoes!!
These ladies were amazing and we all agreed we would have been happy to just sit near them
all day.
"Leap Hippo" anyone?

They came out of the water to eat some hay..
We were very lucky to see them at an active stage in their day.

It's too bad the kids didn't enjoy the aquarum as much as we


Seriously....too bad it wasn't fun for

Love the shark tunnel!!
We all did. We hit the gift shop and then retrieved our coats from our lockers
before heading outside to see the seals and penguins.

It was freezng and snowing..the penguins wanted no part of it (they are African penguins).
Only a couple came outside to see us.
The seals were not bothered at all, and enjoyed the frozen blocks of fish.
Princess enjoyed trying to catch snow on her tongue.
It was a great day!!

The ride home was treachorous and we were happy to arrive home safely to no snow near us.
Farmer Dad is on vacation for the rest of the year, so we will have more projects around the house and more road trips. I will do my best to keep posting.
((HUGS)) KateinNJ

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