Monday, November 1, 2010

Hope you had fun

We had a busy weekend filled with fun here in our corner of the Garden State.
Princess loved seeing all the craftsman and women and artists.
The various potters and sculptors. She wants to learn to weld.
If this information doesn't scare any of haven't been paying attention!
We spent hours there, and she could have stayed longer, plying the man making batik prints
with questions about why he doesn't use local trees for his inks (they make different colors
than the trees from his homeland) why his frames have no glass (the fabric needs to breath).
Discussing watercolor techniques with a painter who asked her to come back the next day and bring some of her work for him to see (it was Halloween..we did not). He was delighted to talk
about his art. Having the discussion with such a young and opinionated art lover appeared to double the delight.
Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. Perhaps my ticket giveaway winner, Samantha,
will forward me her pictures. If so, I will post them. If you missed the craft show this time around,
check out the web site here, to find out when they will be back. If you don't live in our area, check out hen they might be near you. Sunday we celebrated Halloween

with our favorite nurse and her family..more fun!(that post is coming..I promise)
Whatever you all did....I hope you had fun too.
((BIG HUGS)) KateinNJ

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