Sunday, December 6, 2009

We survived our First Emergency Room Visit

Sorry we have been gone so long...I have been sick..nothing major.
A cold..lost my voice..very frustrating. Friday we had a lovely Camp Katie Day,
which I will write about later, as we said goodbye to Bella and Julie, Princess
drove her "big wheel" around the side of the house and directly into Farmer Dad's parked truck
which was parked there while he replaced a few sections of our fence.
She ran into the house, and I found her holding what was a white hand towel to the top of
her head. Have you ever seen how much blood comes out of a child's head wound?
Peanut ran out back to get Farmer Dad and he drove all four of us to the ER.
We live pretty close to three major hospitals, so we were there quickly.
The ER docs decided after we were there for a couple of hours, that she needed
4 staples in her head. Yes, FOUR STAPLES in my babies head.
We have been extremely fortunate that this is the first ER visit for us, in fact she has
only had one sick visit to the pediatrician in 7 years. The two girls were so well behaved,
waiting and waiting all afternoon. To be fair, the children's section of the ER had a lot of books
and a tv with Cartoon Network playing, so it wasn't the worst wait in history...but they were so good. I still can't believe that they only asked how much longer after we were done and waiting for the paperwork. They flushed out her wound with something that was icy cold...P was not happy..she cried and complained a bit. The screams when they did the staples was the hardest thing I ever had to sit through. Within ten minutes she was skipping down the hall singing"Follow the yellow brick road".. (there was a yellow design on the floor) and she sang
Bon Jovi songs all the way home at the top of her lungs. We refrained from complaining even though our adult nerves were shot, because we were both happy she was as obnoxious as always. The girls asked for a treat for their good behavior, Burger King.
You better believe they got it. She has acted completely normal since, and it has not slowed her down at all. Monday she needs to see her Pediatrician and the staples will come out in 5-6 days.
I did take a picture of her staples when we got home that night, but I haven't uploaded them, and have no idea where I put my camera cord, so I will upload tomorrow.


Patricia said...

hugs and kiss P!! We hope you get better soon!

sarah said...

I am so sorry to read this, you poor thing, what an awful shock for you! Thank heavens she is recovering well.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad P is OK. What a scare! Here's hoping she recovers quickly.

8)(8 said...

I'm glad Princess is okay.

I hope she resumes that wonderful track record of health and accident-free.

Cher Mere said...

I am just catching up on reading my blogs. Wow! That is so scary! I can imagine you were freaked! I am impressed that Princess was such a trooper and that the girls handled the wait well. Belated hugs.

aly in va said...

hope all is healed by's amazing how resilient kids are to things.

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